Boost Your Curb Appeal with 4 Doable DIY Projects

Selling your home is a lengthy process, but it can be made easier with proper preparation. Follow these four steps to spruce up your façade and make it absolutely irresistible to potential buyers.


When it comes to putting your house on the market, you spend much of your time considering how to stage your rooms to look as homey as possible. But while your interiors are crucial to the selling process, your exteriors are just as important to making a memorable first impression. With simple DIY maintenance and a few easy updates, you can boost curb appeal for maximum selling success.

Keep It Clean
A well-kept yard is the first sign that you’ve taken good care of the house during your time as owner. If the grass looks uncut or overrun, the whole property won’t look as attractive to buyers. Spend an afternoon clearing away fallen leaves, broken branches, and dead plantings to ensure your entrance suggests, “Welcome home.”

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